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Womanly Sense (n.)


An innate ability as a woman to know what you need in order to create an epic life.



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To womanly sense.

Are you are woman with an ambition to succeed and create wealth?  Do you want to take your life to the next level? Are you ready to step into success and wealth?


It's easier then you think! The secret lies in eliminating two barriers that stop you from hitting new heights in your potential for success, wealth and your happiness. 

The first of those 2 barriers is the decisions you make in your life. Your decisions define everything that follows and if you have a history of not choosing wisely or find it hard to make decisions, you will have suffered from self-doubt, procrastination, stress and you never find your path forward. 


The second barrier is how you show up in your life. Do you present the truest version of yourself to others? Or do you feel conflicted, unsure, full of self-doubt and driven by your emotions? You are on the sidelines watching rather than racing ahead on your path to success and wealth.


That's where the Womanly Sense Signature Program Reset for Success and Reach your Authentic Potential comes in.


Womanly Sense aims to ensure you find the path forward by providing research based online programs, courses and workshops that don't cost the earth. We also offer a select number of one on one coaching programs at affordable rates.  

I'm Claudia Soul and I am an Australian Behaviorist, Self-Help Author, Psychotherapist, University Educator and Consultant. I am also a champion of Neuroscience and the understanding of how our brain drives our emotions. My mission is to ensure every woman achieves the success, wealth and happiness they deserve. I made the decision to share my knowledge of 23 years and get you on that path to success and wealth by reaching your 

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One on One Session

A once only discovery session with Claudia to  reveal why life has gone off course.

Womanly Sense Package

Develop your new life navigational system and set a course for epic living with a package of 6 sessions.


Address the unique challenges for women in your workplace with a Womanly Sense workshop, or add a workshop to your event.

Speaking, Events & Podcasts

Book Claudia Soul for your next conference, event or podcast. Contact us to discuss further.

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Located in North Queensland, Australia

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"When I found Claudia I was looking for clarity on how to pursue a career using my passion for health, nutrition and lifestyle. Working with Claudia allowed me to find that clarity and finally write my book, "Menopause the Way Nature Intended. Don't Sweat It!" Claudia is warm, brilliant and talented in personal development and when it comes to reaching the next level! I am grateful I found her. 


Kalyani Fad, The #1 Natural Menopause Coach