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I'm Claudia Soul and I am an Australian Behaviorist, Self-Help Author, Psychotherapist, University Educator and Consultant. I created Womanly Sense to ensure every woman achieves the epic success, wealth and happiness they deserve. I bring twenty three years of working with every conceivable human struggle in my career as a Psychotherapist and seven as a University Educator.


I've also endured my own personal battle to achieving success and believe me it wasn't an easy one. I endured significant trauma as a child, the loss of both my siblings and haven't managed yet to find the love of my life. (Working on that)


After working in retail in my twenties to early thirties and having no ambition around success,  I started a University Education in my thirties. However I wasn't programmed to believe I could succeed, so I made an excellent attempt at sabotaging my degree.


As fortune would have it, a big part of the degree involved working on yourself. The belief that you must first work on yourself before you can help others was the thing that saved me.  

Womanly Sense (n.)


An innate ability as a woman to know what you need in order to create an epic life.



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Mature Businesswoman

In a world of opportunity and with your desire to achieve big and live an epic life, you can run into what I call life navigational issues. You know what to do however something gets in the way of you having it all. That insecurity that pops up, feeling ‘less than’ at times and trying to navigate a love life while you build your career or business. Yes, it’s not easy and coupled with the barriers you can face as a woman, it can be time for a little help.


But for now, your greatest strength is inside you and that’s what I call your womanly sense. When you cultivate this and harness its energy you can overcome anything and achieve everything. However sometimes your womanly sense goes south instead of north and you become stuck, unhappy and not in the place you want to be.


That’s where I come in.

My Story


My early life was no bed of roses. While I was cared for growing up in a material and well-being sense, my strict upbringing programmed me for marriage as opposed to chasing an epic life.


The programmed beliefs around what I could and couldn't achieve became part of an internal struggle that resulted in me putting aside my dreams and focusing on the needs of others. This continued well into my forties. However a University Education, divorce and life experiences including losing both my siblings, one at just 32 and the other at 52, provided both heartache and much needed reflection. I finally asked the all important questions. 


'Who am I and what do I really want? and most importantly through the work I achieved with my clients, I developed my own womanly sense. I became a high achiever completing a Bachelor of Counselling and Human change to become an accomplished Psychotherapist creating my own therapeutic change model and a successful psychotherapy practice. I’ve worked in a wide range of fields specializing in relationships and gained the prestige of being a University Educator to the next generation of therapists.

My mission now is to guide you through the obstacles to find your way to an epic life, including that epic relationship!


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